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St. John Bosco

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St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello

Directress Message

From Directress’ Desk
Every child comes into the world with the message “God still loves the world”. We have the great responsibility to uphold the dignity and rights of the children. Children are vulnerable who need constant care and protection. At this new technological world the young are at risk where they engage in multiple activities and lose their identity and peace of mind.

As Don Bosco envisaged it “It is not enough that you love the Young but they should feel that they are love”. The main thing that we need to do is love them without any discrimination or prejudices. The young have every right to live their life to the full.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Let us guide them with the method of education and enrich their minds to become honest citizens. Along with the education they need selfless love and constant protection to build up their self esteem and ego.

Let us join our hands and minds to work earnestly for the development of the children including their biological, physical, social, spiritual and cultural needs. In short, let us say the integral development of whole personality. Let us make the world free of child labour; trafficking and all that violate children’s rights. We shall empower the young and safeguard their dignity as human beings above all as God’s children.

Go – awake the world – empower the young at risk. Jesus says in the scripture “Let the little children come to me for theirs is the kingdom of heaven; For they are pure and simple in their dealings. As educators we need to safeguard this purity and make them feel that they are accepted in the society. Let us teach the young to build self-confidence and guide in decision making in their turn they enable others to do the same.

Without mother there is no child, without child there is no society and without society the globe does not exist.

Let us recognize the role of the children in the society and strengthen them to become effective members who will be future dynamic soldiers of our country. With renewed enthusiasm and energy let us allow the saplings to grow and bloom as colurful flowers in God’s garden that is the world.

Sr. Anna Thayil
Directress, Auxilium Navajeevana

"Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them." William Shakespeare