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Our Founder

St. John Bosco

Our Foundress

St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello

About Auxilium Navajeevana

Aim: That they may have life………and have it to the full.

Our Inspiration: St. John Bosco our Father and Founder and St. Mary Mazzrello our Co-founderss who worked tirelessly for the upliftment of children in difficult situations.

Vision: We commit ourselves to accompany the young people considering them as the greatest treasure form God, living the Charism of Preventive Love, to make them protagonists and persons of personal competence, conscience and commitment.

Goal: The goal of this organization which caters to the various needs of young at risk is “to bring hope and dignity to the lives of girls by empowering them to become self- reliant and enable them to join the mainstream of the society as dignified, responsible, healthy contributing citizens.”

Our Mission: To bring hope and dignity to the lives of girls, to help them stand on their feet for a better future empowering them to become self-reliant and enable them to join the mainstream of society as dignified, responsible, health contributing citizens.

Our Objectives:
1. Formal Education
2. Protecting Child Rights
3. Rehabilitating the street children
4. Immediate shelter, care and protection
5. Reinstating children to their families
6. Creating Public awareness
7. Promoting better health conditions
8. Training young at risk for economic independence